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Highmaul Raid Opens

Intro to Warlords of Draenor is now over and it’s time to tune in to raiding. Highmaul is the opening raid instance in this expansion and here is a small intro in to it.


Highmaul has 7 bosses from which 2 are optional.

Main encounters:

Kargath Bladefist
The Butcher
Twin Ogron
Imperator Mar’gok





Loot ranges from ilvl 640 to 685 which is about 10 ilvl lower what can be obtained from Blackrock Foundry. Loot can be obtained to every slot from Highmaul.

  • LFR: 640
  • Normal: 655
  • Heroic: 670
  • Mythic: 685

No Tier 17 pieces will drop. Loot will have a chance to be Warforged, with tertiary stat or with a socket like in Heroics/CM/etc.


Lockouts do not share between difficulties (LFR(25), Normal(10-30), Heroic(10-30), Mythic(20)) which means that you can run every difficulty during one week if you wish.